A Growing Presence in the UAE

Al Zaabi Group has come to stay as an integral part of life in the UAE with its excellent performance and ever expanding presence in the emerging market segments.

As a proactive corporate enterprise, the Group has, with a significant presence in divergent fields such as Automotive Tyres, Construction Materials, Transportation, and Trading, excelled in all the realms with its strong focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to quality.

The Group continues to explore newer horizons of service to the nation through strategic diversification to match widening market needs. Strengthened by its solid repute for customer focus and reliability, and supported by a diligent workforce and in-house R&D department, the Group emphasizes continuous improvement through innovative thinking. Al Zaabi Group reflects the enduring values of enterprise and trustworthiness that UAE is synonymous with and is well geared up to share the nation’s vibrant growth and progress in the time to come.


  • 2003

    Started Retread, with Production of 300 Tyres per month.

  • 2007

    Add new machines & collaborated with SUNTEX and increased production to 600 Tyres per month.

  • 2008

    Started Transporting and Trading Division and Production reached to 3000 Tyres monthly

  • 2010

    Started New Factory Hotcure. Collaborated with Chinese and Italian company to import Machineries & Raw Materials and Tyres production reached 4500+ tyres per month.

  • 2011

    Started Retail Trading of New Tyres & Started Trading of Building Materials. (Joint Ventures with LAFARGE)

  • 2012

    Started New Fitment Centre with large collection of Brand Tyres

  • 2013

    Started Import of our Own Chinese Brands (sole Agency) Started new Building Materials Division in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Launched biggest JOTUN Inspiration centre in Abu Dhabi.

  • 2014

    Started New Outlet for tyres in Sharjah. Got authorized distribution of Bosch in Abu Dhabi.

  • 2015

    Opened New Outlet in Abu Dhabi for Trading and started to import products under Ranger (Brand Name). Got authorization of MAKITA power tools. Partnership with FULDA Tyres (German Brand), authorized distributor in UAE.

  • 2016

    Partnered with ITR Tyres (Italian Brand). Started to import Tubes & Flaps under Ranger (Brand Name). Started GSBC Adam & Eve.

  • 2017

    Partnered with Henkel as the wholesale distributor in UAE. Started Cosmetic Centre AESMC. Opened Two more Outlet under Trading Division. (Al Mazza & Al Omda)

  • 2018

    Introduce Slimming & Cosmetic Department at Adam & Eve ADAM & EVE Specialized Medical Centre. Acquired Coral Beauty Lounge ,

  • 2019

    Started Law Firm

  • 2020

    Started Ayurveda and Hijama Division under Adam and Eve


Al Zaabi Group is committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors, through conformance with the highest quality and safety standards, delivering our projects on time and on budget.We shall sustain our partnership with our principals, customers and the government by way of best business practices, value addition and total adherence to statutory requirements. We will foster our growth and success by investing in innovation and technology, continuously improving our systems, empowering our people to perform and rewarding them appropriately. We are committed to the health and safety of our people and to the betterment of the society and nation at large.


Al Zaabi Group focuses on utilizing our resources optimally and growing into one of the topnotch corporate entities in the land through consistent expansion of business operations, continuous emphasis on customer satisfaction and strategic diversification into emergent business segments with potential.


On-time Delivery


Commitment To Quality




Customer Focused


Quality Policy

  • We will ensure full compliance with international quality standards.
  • We will ensure total conformance with statutory and social obligations.
  • We will embrace continuous improvement of processes and people by implementing an efficient Quality Management system.
  • We will define, delegate and document individual and collective responsibilities and review their fulfillment periodically.

HSE Policy

  • We will follow health and safety laws to make ours a safe workplace.
  • We will maintain a high level of health and safety standards at every level of our activities.
  • We will invest in advanced technologies to ensure employee safety and environment-friendliness.
  • We shall continue seeking new ways of optimizing the use of natural resources, enabling sustainability and eliminating ecological hazards such as pollution of land, water and air.

Environment Policy

  • Al Zaabi Group is deeply concerned about the impact of its activities on the environment in reducing the carbon footprint.  We will try to limit this impact in two ways.
  • At one level, our core activities of remanufacturing and retreading enable recycling of materials thereby minimizing the use of depleting natural resources.
  • At the other level, our environment-conscious approach focuses on pollution control, effluent treatment and elimination of greenhouse gas emissions. We are certified under Environment Health & Safety Management Systems and have been able to establish benchmarks way above statutory obligations.
  • Al Zaabi Group will actively encourage energy saving and will also put efforts in process of removing contaminants and household sewage.